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October 23 2017

October 14 2017

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As graceful as they come. 

Grizzly Creek, CO / Sept. 2016

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route (by Sho Shibata)

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October 13 2017

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where do they keep the tiddies


anyone got a key

October 12 2017

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Yesterday at work this lady was buying a leaf plate and when I told her I thought it was cute she said “Yeah, it’s perfect for my treehouse!”. I was like “oh, do you have kids?” and she said “yeah, I have kids, they just aren’t allowed in my treehouse” and honestly same

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too cute!!♥ I want a dog T_T

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just trying to draw water


Old folks be up at 5:30am fully dressed & groomed……… To go sit on the porch.

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The brothers, Hota (right) and Romeo (left), playing with their miniature pumpkins

Happy October!

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I hope everybody can enjoy the typical day at the Russian parliament

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